The Seven
A young orphan in modern-day San Francisco learns, by a twist-of-fate, that she’s the last descendent of a famous family of supernatural warriors tasked with fighting seven strains of monsters – each possessing the powers of one of the seven deadly sins. With the help of her foster family and a vampire mentor, she must protect the world – and the only family she has left, from certain destruction.
Poker Face
A college graduate comes back to her hometown of Laughlin, Nevada to discover that the student loans her father secured for her came from the mob. She must work for them to pay off her debt... or else.
Five years after supernatural creatures are revealed to the world, monsters still struggle to acclimate into society. Eternally stuck in a mid-life crisis, Norman the vampire drifts through his undead life... until his long-lost granddaughter tracks him down in an effort to rebuild their family.